Saturday 27 April 2013

History Hop - sign ups open!

The History Hop has returned! I started this blog hop to inspire and challenge participants to reinvent jewelry from history. Last time, each of you chose an era from history and created (beautiful) jewelry that reflected the style as well as materials of the time.

This time, I'm adding a bit of geography to it. I've been researching native North American jewelry lately and thought it would be fun to add a regional aspect to the History Hop. We're still going to travel on our computers to bygone eras, but you will be able to choose a specific region or culture to draw from.

Your challenge is to choose one of the regions in history from the list below. Research it and create something that's inspired by and reflects the era. I'm hoping you'll be inspired by the time and style as well as the materials and methods used. You can choose as many as you like, but be sure to make at least one thing.

Here are the choices:

Indus Valley Civilization
English Romanticism & Mourning Jewelry
Art Nouveau
Early Russian
Moche of Peru
Native American
Māori (New Zealand)

The subjects link to websites I found relating to the periods and regions. If you need help finding more info, just ask! You might have to do a bit more searching, especially if you want to narrow it down to a specific tribe, etc.

To sign up: Post a comment here telling me what theme(s) you'd like and leave your email address (you can email me, if you prefer). I must have a way to contact you. I'll confirm you're in and add your choice and blog details to a final list. Sign ups close on May 18th.

Create a piece (or more!) and photograph it for the reveal. You might like to write a little about why you chose the region in history or what you learned during the hop.

Blog on the reveal date - June 1st. If you think you'll be busy on that day, you can schedule the blog to post ahead of time. If you need to know how, just ask!

I've made a blog hop button you can copy onto your blog. It's a painting by Gyula Tornai called The Jewellery Maker - appropriate, I thought!

On my sidebar you'll see this image with code below it. Copy the code and add it to an HTML widget on your blog. If you have any trouble with it, let me know.

The Jewellery Maker by Gyula Tornai. Source Wikimedia.

Participants so far:

Leah Curtis - Indus Valley -
Laney Mead - Māori -
Becca - Art Nouveau -
Melissa - English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry -
Tracy Stillman - Native American -
Gerda - English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry -
Liz E - Native North American -
Ahowin - Māori (New Zealand)  - 
Jasvanti - Indus Valley -
Lizzie - Art Nouveau -
Julia Hay - Merovingian -
Dini - Celtic -
Caroline - Art Nouveau - 
Charlie - Moche of Peru -
Karin - China -
Niky Sayers - Rome -
Marcia Dunne - Celctic and Mourning Jewelry -
anafiassa - Mesopotamia -
Kokopelli - Native American -
Christa - Native American -
Clair - Roman -
Susan Bowie - Native American -
Gloria Allen - English Romanticism -
Sheila Garrett - Early Russia - 


  1. Count me in Leah for Maori. I have just been flitting though the list and was torn between so many, but Maori customs and story telling did it for me :) Don't forget to nudge me :P Lx

  2. Leah- I'd really like to do this hop, too. It sounds like a great idea, and a fun challenge. Please me up for Art Nouveau. OH, yes... Please don't forget to nudge me, too! =)

  3. Leah, I'll join in again, think I'll do English Romanticism and Mourning Jewellery (although I may change my mind and choose the Celts instead -- will let you know if I do!). My email is melissa_trudinger at yahoo dot com and my blog is

  4. Leah, I had so much fun last time so yes please I'd like to join in again. I think I'll choose Native American please. My blog is

  5. Hi, Leah. I saw the post about your blog hop in Bead Soup Cafe on fb and thought that it's an awesome idea. Please sign me up :)
    My email: Gerdale[at]gmail[.]com and the adress to my brand new blog:
    (Seriously, it's brand new. I only decided to fianlly make a blog for my jewelry today and haven't even had the chance to post anything yet.)


    1. Hi Gerda, thanks for joining! I've started following your blog. Have fun with it! :)

    2. I would like to sign up and do Native American because that is what always speaks to me. my email is

  6. Oh... and my theme... English Romanticism and Mourning Jewelry, please :)

  7. Hello Leah. Sounds like such fun, please add me. I'm going to pick North American. Email is and blog is Thank you for doing this :-)

    1. I've added you, Liz. Thanks for joining it! Hope you have fun.

  8. Leah, I chose Māori (New Zealand)

  9. Hi, I would like to participate, my blog is and my region will be the Indus valley

  10. Hi, this sounds like so much fun and I would love to join in. I will email you. Can't wait to get creating and hopping!

  11. Hi, this sounds like so much fun. I'd love to join in. I'd like to pick Art Nouveau as my era please.
    I'll email you with my details. Looking forward to creating and blog hopping! Lizzie.

  12. I would love to join in this please. I had so much fun looking at all the beadsoup loveliness.
    Can you put me down for Merovingian please. I will send you my email through craft pimp if that's ok?

  13. I would love to take part please. Can you put me down for Merovingian. I will send you my email through Craft Pimp.

  14. Hi Lea,

    I would like to join in please and choose Celtic :-)my blog is My email is

    Thank you for organizing the blog hop!

  15. Count me in please Leah, great idea for a hop! I think I'll go for Art Nouveau please :) x caroline@blueberribeads dot co dot uk


  16. I'd like to join in! Is there anything that hasn't been covered yet? I am easy going and willing to do anything so just let me know. sterlingsunjewelry at gmail dot com.


    1. Hi Charlie, thanks for joining! I've put you down for Moche of Peru. Let me know if you would like something else. Have fun!

  17. I'm in - such great choices for civilizations. I'll take China, please! I can be reached at caycay at shaw dot ca. I blog at


  18. What a fantastic idea, I would love to do Rome please
    silverniknats at email dot com

  19. hello Leah,I'll choose Celtic and Mourning jewellery, Looks fun.

  20. Oh! I would love, love, love a chance to do this! I have a background in Anthropology/Archaeology and I love ancient cultures--thank you so much for such a cool blog hop idea! :D

    So, yes, please count me in! I think I'll choose Mesopotamia. (Is it possible to add on more, if time allows? It's fine if not, I just thought I'd ask--I've been working on Egyptian, Roman, and Byzantine pieces in my "spare" time, and would love to include them if I finish them in time.)

    My email is: jenofapen @ gmail . com (without the spaces, of course) and my blog is:

    Thank you again for this opportunity! (And letting me burble on like an excited person, lol.)

    1. Hi - thanks for joining! Glad you're excited. You're more than welcome to do more than one theme. I've put you down for Mesopotamia in case you don't have time for the others. Looking forward to your reveal!

  21. I think I'm in with the Native American theme. Although I already have a reveal on June 1st. But I'd love to create something.

  22. Please count me in - I've been researching historical architecture recently and this seems like the perfect opportunity to combine passions! I'm choosing 'Roman'.

  23. I'm in. I choose Native American theme please.

  24. I will participate English Romanticism,
    You can email me at

  25. Hi Leah, this sounds really fun. It took me forEVer to decide here, but it would really like to work with the early Russian theme. Thanks!