Saturday, 15 March 2014

A quick introduction...

I am so excited about this year's BSBP! I've been paired with the lovely and talented Caroline from BlueberriBeads! How exciting is that? I'm really looking forward to this swap, as I love her clay beads so much.

After chatting to Caroline, I came up with a soup that I hope she'll enjoy using. Well, I can't show you it yet because she hasn't seen it! But I will share a gratuitous blurred teaser pic. Here it is...

Ta da! Yeah, I'm not giving much away...I even wanted the colour to be a surprise. Sorry, Caroline!

The real purpose is to give a little shout out for my lovely partner and head you in the direction of her blog and shop! I'm sure most of you are already familiar with Caroline's beautiful beads, but just in case, please check out her blog and shop, BlueberriBeads. You'll love it!

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