Wednesday 7 November 2012

Etsy, discounts, and celebrating...

You know that Etsy shop I said I was working on? It's now open! You can find it here. To celebrate, I'm doing a discount. Use the code GRANDOPEN1 at checkout to receive 25% off your order.

And following on from my last blog post, I've been stocking my virtual shelves with my art beads. Some of my owls have already sold! You'll find more owls, faces, and rustic designs. Check it out!


  1. those faces are just fantastic :)

  2. I have to ask, do you have bunnies?

    1. I've been waiting for that! Yes and no. My MIL has rabbits, which I'll often help take care of when we visit her. Bunnies featured a lot in my wildlife rehabilitation days, too. My OH calls me bunny, so I'm the beady eyed bunny - since I just love beads (and bunnies)!

  3. Oh dear i just read that totally wrong, thought 'surely she's not a grandparent!' lol