Monday 2 September 2013

New polymer clay beads

I've been busy, busy recently making new beads. I was inspired to do a few carvings and miniature, sculpted paintings, but also some Autumnal versions of the old favorites. Here's a sampling of what I've made...

Autumnal lop eared bunny beads in shades of pink and peach.


A soaring gull found his way into my shop, too. He's warm white in color with very slight brown highlights and traces of blue. The flying birds are harder to sculpt, but worth it. This one's full of movement, and the hole placement allows it to "fly" up to the right or down to the left.

These berry-licious headpins are on solid brass wires. The leaves are oak shaped and have a slight translucent effect. Very warm and berry - yum!

While we're talking about Autumnal beads, I came up with a new ceramic-styled acorn bead. The acorn is raised and textured on a white background. I added a bit of brass to highlight the details.
Finally, these are some of the carved and painted beads I made. This first one is of a hare jumping in front of the moon. There are twinkling stars, a deep blue night sky, and a glow from the distant moon.
This one is my first attempt at a faux raku styled piece. A shimmering unicorn in blues, purples, and rusty reds...

And a good old-fashioned white unicorn...for good luck. :-)


And finally, this sweet little dormouse. I was inspired by an adorable photo I saw online and made this little fella. He's already found a new home in Belgium.


  1. What fabulous expressions on those faces!

  2. They're all wonderful! Love the rabbit and the moon!

  3. They're all great! I especially love the rabbit and the moon!

  4. I love your beads! The seagull is wonderful, especially the way you placed the hole.

  5. They are all so great but I love the Berry headpins so much. I have a few ideas of what I will make...!!! Very nice fall collection.