Sunday, 27 October 2013

OctoberFest 2013 Blog Hop: Fall Reflection

The Autumn has always been my favorite season. I have many fond memories of road trips to the more scenic parts of North Carolina with my family. Well, most of NC is beautiful, but to get the best show of Autumn's colors, we'd drive to the mountains. 

From there, you could see the exciting terrain dappled and splashed with fantastic colors. I always think of leaves and those trips to the mountains when the Fall comes around.

I couldn't resist joining in Rita's OctoberFest. She challenged us to share our happy memories, recipes, crafts, or whatever we were inspired to make. I was so distracted recently, I forgot I signed up! It wasn't until Rita, very efficiently, emailed the participants with a full list of blogs. With only a few days left before the hop, I wasn't about to give up, so I went on a walk to find some inspiration.

The colours here in the UK are not always as dramatic - maybe it's that mild, crawl into the cooler months - but there's still plenty of inspiration out there. I love the surprise of orange leaves popping out from these trees.

I know what I said about the leaves in my home State being more dramatic, but these wild rose hips were stunning! There were bushes full of them along the path sprawling in all directions.

And finally, the reason I walked on this path, to find a lovely oak tree. I've been watching this tree since Autumn began to creep in. I saw the first tiny signs of acorns turn to huge, green fruits until there was one last acorn waiting to drop. A glimpse of the faded branches of Winter, and a reminder of the new growth to come.

With all those images in my mind, I began to form my earrings. I chose some Czech glass leaves in warm orange and fleeting green and paired them with my handmade blackened brass wire leaves.

I call the earrings Fall Reflection because of the memories they evoke (thanks to Solange for the great name!).


I wasn't sure what beads to use above the leaves, but I found some recycled, and worn little bead caps in my stash. I thought they'd give the earrings a great "assemblage" feel. Last night, I thought about some African trade beads I bought from my friend at Ahowin. I thought the bright red might clash with the leaves, but they look beautiful against the dark metals. A lot like the rose hips!

The metals are all brass and patinaed with heat from shades of nut brown, to remind of the acorns, to black. I think the pops of color from the rose-hip red trade beads and the leaves are a wonderful reminder of Autumn.

I hope you've enjoyed sharing in my Autumnal inspiration! There is much more to see. You can find all the blog hop participants below. A big thank you to Rita for hosting this great blog hop! Happy hopping!

Octoberfest 13 Artists

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Toltec Jewels (Rita, your hostess)


  1. Your photos are as pretty as your jewelry!

  2. I love everything about these earrings. They perfectly capture your inspiration. The colors and textures and just great together.

  3. I love the earring design. I'm also jealous about the rosehips! Do you make jam or tea with them?

  4. I have never seen such rose hips. I used to get some little ones of a wild rose in my yard but they never got so large or turned such a red color.

    I just love your earrings. They really do scream fall.

  5. Your pictures made me truly homesick, sigh. Thank you so much for sharing, I really enjoyed your post.

  6. These are great earrings! You've captured the colors and feel of fall in a beautiful way. Christie

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. The rose hips are stunning and I love how you used that color in your lovely earrings.
    Ingrid A.

  8. Really beautiful earrings. The wire surrounding the leaf is perfect. Well the entire thing is just perfect actually! I am glad somebody brought up rose hips. That is one of the things I first notice when fall is just peeking around the corner. I also like your new header, those beads are great.

  9. Great photos! I love the earrings too. I miss acorns.

  10. love the rich colours in those leaves and the clever way you've framed them. I can't believe how green the trees still are around by me, it's almost the end of October! And it's still warm..

  11. Oh my, those are so beautiful! I love fall with all ist color inspiration.

  12. Such professional photos & works of jewelry art. I love those multicolored leaves on those earrings.

  13. Gorgeous, stunning earrings. Great pictures, I love the wild rose hips and I hope you will make some headpins soon in that shape.

  14. Beautiful earrings and beautiful photos!
    Well done!

  15. Adorable♥ 'leaffy' Autumn earrings, very beautiful!

  16. Great post love the earrings. Really like the feel of the metal and glass mix.