Thursday, 14 November 2013

What's new?

I'm trying really, really, really hard to blog more. It's not that I don't have anything to share here, but that things have been so busy. And hey, one thing leads to another, and you just don't have the time.

But here I am! Want to see what I've been up to?

It's getting a wee bit Wintry here with even a sighting or two of the first snow flurries. I made some of my favourite birds with an extra light dusting of snowy white...

And a large Cardinal focal bead - my home State's bird back in NC.

Finally,  some fun beads I like to call coral caps. They were inspired by coral, barnacles, and deep sea tube worms. The colours seem just right for Winter designs.

And in other news, you can now find one of my newest tutorials in Old Bicycle Shop. The kit comes with everything you need (minus the tools!) and my tutorial. The tutorial has step by step instructions and detailed pictures throughout.

It's a very elegant bracelet, and you can even get the kit in a silver colour option! As with all my work, if you do buy the tutorial, my personal contact details are provided, in case you need a little extra advice or help.

Finally, I'm working on a special Christmas edition of The Beading Glass. If you haven't found out about it yet, it's a monthly inspirational e-magazine that I write. It showcases a variety of talented artists in one of a kind jewelry and bead making. Here's the November issue. Enjoy!


  1. oh my, you have been so busy!! I love the birds.... my grandmother used to collect them!! Also, your bracelet... wonderful! I am about to go read your magazine - let me know how I can get involved, please! I love to 'show off' and support our industry!! ~KM

    1. Thanks, KM! You're too sweet. If you ever want to be in the magazine or have suggestions for artists to feature, you can email me. The contact details are in the mag on the last page.

  2. Beautiful! And I love The Beading Glass. Is there a way to get notified when new editions come out, or should I just check in with you here?

    1. Thank you, Rebecca! I always post about new issues on my Facebook page and also on my blog. I hope to do a newsletter one day so everything is in one place. If you're a Glossi member, you can also "follow" my profile.