Sunday 23 February 2014

ABS February challenge

For February, the Art Bead Scene has chosen a beautiful painting by Paul Klee called "The Rose Garden". The painting is brimming with vibrant shades of purple, red, and orange. You can see the original painting here.

I chose to make my own art beads for this challenge.

To reflect the cubism in the painting, I made some faceted round beads from polymer clay. I painted each bead with gradients of ruby red, peach, orange, and dashes of purple.

I was going to make a pair of my Rustic Rose beads to use in the earrings, but I decided on something a bit more abstract. I made a pair of faceted cylinder beads with swirls on the face of the beads to represent the swirled roses in the paintings. The sides and back of the beads are faceted and painted in shades of dark purple, red, lilac, and dashes of white.

I combined the beads with organic swirls of copper wire work and tiny seed beads in pinks and orange hues. I patinated the copper with LOS for a bolder contrast against the bright colors.

I hope you like them! You can check out the other entries on the ABS Flickr pool.


  1. Love your hand made beads for this project!

  2. Your beads are gorgeous, Leah, and I love that you went abstract with your interpretation :)

  3. What beautiful beads, love the colours

  4. Wow, what a magnificent beads and the earrings are simply gorgeous. Beautiful interpretation.