Thursday, 10 April 2014

Good Post Day

In more ways than one! I've had a lot of lovely handmade beads come to the door this week. Want to see? Prepare for bead eye candy!

Clockwise from left: Polymer clay beauties I won from Art Bead Scene's birthday giveaway by Something to do with Your Hands, bumble bees by Izzybeads, double paddle beads by Earthshine Beads, a collection of lampwork I got on eBay (madasaboxoffrogs), and a ceramic elephant focal from Bo Hulley Beads.

They are all gorgeous *swoon*, but I am quickly finding myself addicted to the paddle beads by Earthshine Beads. They're the perfect size and a fun shape. I can see lots of potential in these.

Now, go forth and buy some beads! They're so worth it. :)


  1. They are all so yummy!! I just love getting packages of art beads in the mail, I try to spread out my purchases so I get something more often!! My husband gets home before me and he will send me a photo at work when I get a package to entice me to come home early, LOL!!

  2. What lovely colours you have chosen!