Friday 1 May 2015

Stacked Earring Challenge Round Three

Hello, hello! I'm a bit late to the party today, but you know what they say...

This is the third round of a challenge started by the lovely Malin de Koning for a small group of designers. We take turns in sending each other a pack of beads. The challenge is to create at least one pair of earrings and use 3 types of beads from the pack.

This time around it was my turn to send out the beads. I think that was the hardest part! Here's a photo (by Malin) of what I chose.

I sent a mix of beads in some of my favourite colours: berry tones, sea blues, and earthy neutrals. The beads include Czech glass, vintage African clay beads, vintage connectors, garnet, agate, jade, aventurine, and amazonite gemstones. I also included some vintage African trade beads, citrine, and quartz with inclusions.

I chose some of these beads because they're a bit tricky for me usually. I don't often use small beads, so I included quite a few little beads and some odd shaped pieces for an extra challenge.

Here's what I created!

First up, an obvious colour combo for me. I used some gorgeous lampwork discs (Earthshine Beads) mixed with the African trade beads, Czech glass and tiny metallic spacers (top), coconut and some brass leaves from my stash.

Next up is, I think, my favourite pair. I had bees on the brain ever since I discovered a honey bee hive on a walk. These have more discs by Earthshine Beads, some added rhinestones and bee charms and my own findings. Everything else came from the pack (Czech pip beads, quartz, and metallic seed beads).

These rather stumpy stacked earrings have the larger of the African trade beads, agate and garnet gems, Czech glass flowers with some added bead caps and discs by Beadesired.

This next pair is pretty simple, but I just love the colour combination. Turquoise and red! Who doesn't love that? I used the little red flowers, amazonite and Czech glass from the pack.

Last but not least is another pair of bee earrings. These have the little citrine drops, Czech glass duos, flower charms and tiny striped seed beads. I used lampwork by Java Beads (they look like honeycomb!) and wrapped the little seed beads around like pollen. I cheated a bit on these as I only included 4 of the super duos (the spiky ones). I made one earring and realised I'd used all 4, so I had to dig in my stash for more. A bit cheeky, but they had to be made. :-)

Group shot - I hope you enjoyed! Check out the links below to see what everyone else made with the beads I sent.

Rebecca Anderson
Heidi Post
Claire Lockwood
Malin de Koning


  1. Oh Leah, thank you again so much for the lovely lot of beads you sent. So very generous. I was happy to read your post and find out what some of them actually are (the gems).
    And goodness me you alway make such fantastic creations. You are so skilled with the assembling and coming up with fun ways of combining the beads. Both the bee-earings are fantastic. Amazingly playful and yet still classy and beautiful. The last pair is my absolute favourite. Love the incorporation of the yellow and black striped beads too, for that bee feeling :-)

  2. Some beauties here!! I just love the two pairs with the bees - maybe the last pair is my favourite: so much detail. I really like the wee stumps too! Thanks for the great beady bundle x

  3. This was such a fun collection to work with! The turquoise discs in the first pair look like candy or something I want to put in my mouth! So cute. The stumpy ones are cute and look like little robots - like Rosie from the Jetsons. The bees are great, but I think the ones I'd find myself wearing most would be the turquoise and red ones or the first ones. Great job! I like how I can see you used extras of what you sent us - like in the last pair. I don't know what I would have done with eight like those. I've never used that shape before!

  4. What a beautiful set of earrings, I love the metal elements you add in most of your designs, especially the little bee charms.

  5. Wow, what a fantastic bunch of creative designs! My favourite has to be those second bee ones, not least because I wracked my brains to come up with a way of positioning the flowers facing outwards, and I just couldn't manage it! They are fab. Thanks for such a lovely and inspiring collection of beads!