Tuesday 1 March 2016

New Made to Order Rustic Roses!

Hello again and happy March! It's already feeling like Spring on the eastcoast (well, in the South!), and I'm pretty sure it's getting me in a colorful mood. I love all sorts of colors from the softest to the boldest. But I usually stick to using earthy and natural colors with the occasional burst of gem-tones. I was a little bit surprised when someone described my handmade beads as colorful! I hadn't really thought about it, but I guess they're right. Sometimes you don't see your own work in the same way. It's good to have perspective.

So, with color in mind, I recently launched five new Rustic Roses for my line of Made to Order art beads. Want to see? And yes, most of them are colorful, but I did squeeze in a couple of muted pinks and creams.

You see that soft, peachy color at the top left? I call that one alabaster cream, and it's actually my favorite. It looks so beautiful with the golden highlights...sigh.

I'm offering it with a distressed black finish, too, for anyone who needs an extra kick of rustic goodness.

Do you have a favorite amongst these, or would you like to see another color in my Made to Order collection? Let me know! I love experimenting with color.

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