Wednesday 4 July 2012

6th BSBP - one down

Maryse, my partner in the BSBP has received her package. Like most of us, I was suffering from swap anxiety, so I couldn't be happier to know she liked her bead soup.

As I wait for the postman to bring Maryse's package to me, I thought I would share a few photos of the soup I sent her. Here's the whole soup.


The basis for my soup was Maryse's favourite colours. She told me she loved purple, turquoise, and cream, so I immediately dug through my stash to find some special beads for her.

I included a ceramic focal by Tania Grey, more of Tania's ceramic beads in mottled purple, a purple glass heart, turquoise coloured gemstones, and vintage beads in shades of blue and cream. The flecks of green on the ceramic focal made me want to add some green beads, so in came agate beads and Chinese crystals. My soup needed a bit more cream, so I added some Swarovski pearls. For a challenge, I chose some silk ribbon and a beaded bead by Liz Reed.

The final piece of my soup is the sterling silver clasp. This was my first time making a clasp with SS, and boy was it tough! Bits of hard metal were flying.

Mmm, soup.

Bead Soup Blog Party isn't just about swapping with other beaders. The challenge is to take the focal and clasp your partner sends you and create something beautiful. We all share our creations on our blogs - now that's a party! Here's a close up of the focal and clasp that Maryse will be using.

Don't forget to check out Maryse's, mine, and many more Bead Soup Blog Party reveals on July 28th!


  1. Beautiful choices!!! Nice work on the clasp :)

  2. LOVE the color combination! And way to go on the clasp!

    1. Thanks, Lori. I loved doing the clasp. I'm tempted to get some more sterling wire and make more!