Tuesday, 17 July 2012

All wrapped up...

Since there's a lot of buzz about packaging on the Bead Soup Cafe, I thought I would share my latest venture. I usually sell my jewellery at a farm show, so the packaging is as simple as possible. BUT, recently, I had a big order, so I had to try a little harder.

I found some great, recycled card boxes on ebay. They came flat packed in small quantities - perfect! They were easy enough to assemble and with a little glue, and a little dressing up, these boxes turned out quite attractive.

I had to rush the packaging, so it wasn't quite  what I wanted. But I am pleased with the overall look. Each box contained black tissue paper with my business card. And on top of those sat my necklaces; waiting for their new owner.

I printed individual labels for the boxes and tied them on with blue ribbon. The cool colors on the stark black actually worked quite well. Though, I'd have probably gone with something completely different had I the time and choice.

Since I was packaging on a budget, I decided to do the bracelets and earrings in my usual bags. These little black organza bags look sophisticated enough. For an added touch, I tied a business card with a handwritten description of each item onto the bags. Hopefully it makes my customer feel a little special, too.

For my first try at packaging, I think it went pretty well! There are some things I'd change, but the simple look seems to showcase my jewellery really well.

Do you struggle with packaging, or are you a presentation pro? Maybe you have a list of do's and don'ts - I'd love to know!