Wednesday, 26 September 2012

History Hop - we have a button!

Sandra Wollberg has kindly made a button for us to use in the History Hop. It'll help as a little reminder for the reveal date on October 13th and links back easily to the rules and list of participants. The button Sandra made features a beautiful piece of art by Alphonse Mucha.

To add it to your blog, copy the code in the box on my sidebar. Go to your blog, click Design, Layout, Add Gadget, and paste the code into an HTML Gadget. Arrange it where you want on your sidebar, save, and you're done!

You can still sign up to the hop, just make sure you give yourself enough time to create. Let me know what time period you choose from the list here, and I'll add you.

If you asked me to choose a time period for you, find your name on the list below. Everyone should have a time period and their blog link listed. Let me know if anything has changed. Have fun!

History Hop participants so far:

Ahowin - Art Nouveau
Alicia Marinache – Victorian
Becca's Place – Renaissance
Beti Horvath – Ancient Egypt and Art Deco
Cherry Obsidia – Ancient Mecynae Greece
Cooky – Renaissance
Jennifer Davies-Reazor – Medieval
Kathleen Douglas – Indus Valley
Kashmira Patel – Etruscan
Lady Grey – Victorian
Laney Mead – Pre-Columbian
Leah Curtis – Ancient Roman
LiliKrist - Persia
Melissa – Mesopotamian
Melissa Trudinger – Art Nouveau
Micheladas Musings – Ancient Romans
Sandra Wollberg – Art Nouveau
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson – Art Deco
Tracy Stillman – Victorian


  1. My deepest and most humble apologies to you all. I completely screwed up,. Somehow got it in my head the reveal was in November, came here to check the date.

    Again, I am so sorry.

    1. Hi Kathleen, what a shame! I'm guessing you won't be able to join in the reveal on Saturday? I will try to do more History Hops in the future, so do keep an eye out.

    2. I'm beavering away, should have a few things to post. Just not what I'd planned.

  2. Well, if we are posting our apologies here, here is mine. 1. I have a perfectly good set of items to post for one of the two historical periods I chose, Ancient Egypt. 2. My Husband has had emergency open heart surgery in a hospital 1 1/2 hours away on October 3, so I have been very busy with that lately. 3. (And this is the stupid part) I loaned my daughter my camera from Thursday through Sunday of this week. I have some preliminary pictures that I can post on Saturday, but the rest will have to wait until camera comes back, and I have time to take the pictures. I hope by then I can also show my other time period, Art Deco.

    1. Hi Beti, please don't worry yourself. I hope your husband is ok and recovering soon. I'd love to see what you have to share tomorrow. A follow up with more photos is fine, considering your circumstances. Just have fun and take care!

  3. I've missed this one, but thanks to Laney..;) I've now got your button on my blog and would love to be in it for next time..pleeease..;)

    1. Sounds great, georgiebee! I'll definitely be doing another one in the future. Might be easier if you watch my blog for updates. I'll keep you in mind though. Love your lampwork, by the way!