Wednesday 12 September 2012

La Vidalerie Challenge

Recently, I joined one of La Vidalerie's challenges. They have beautiful gems and handmade findings in their shop, as well as holding metal smithing classes in France. The first part of the challenge was a giveaway - 10 lucky people won a pair of their Swan earwires.

I was one of those people, and the earwires I received were not only beautiful, but flawless. The next step, the challenge, was to create a pair of earrings with the earwires. I thought the elegant shape and size deserved something a bit different.

I came up with these beautiful chandelier earrings. They're dripping with precious gemstones in ruby reds and yellows.

The gems are 10 tiny faceted rubies, 6 faceted Turundu sapphires in yellow and red, and 4 tiny faceted yellow sapphires. The gems are gorgeous and the little facets catch the light beautifully. All of the gems came from my friend Tanya of FusionMuse and PloiThai

Each stone was individually wrapped in .925 sterling silver. They, especially the briolettes, were way more fiddly to wrap than I thought. The gems are 5-7mm and have the tiniest holes. 

The sterling silver chandeliers came from my stash. A very lovely designer called Lynn Davy in the UK gave them to me. I've held onto them in hopes to do something special with them. I just knew these tiny, precious gems would do them justice.

Everything came together to make an elegant, dramatic, and romantic set of earrings.

There will be many more entries in La Vidalerie's challenge. Voting will take place nearer the end of this week (I'm told) on their Facebook page. Keep an eye out!


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    1. Me too, Rita! I've always wanted to do pieces like this. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh wow, those earrings are extraordinary! Especially with those colors and the fine gems you used-I'm definitely loving them :)

    Great job!