Sunday 31 March 2013

Colour Palette Blog Hop Reveal

Today is the reveal for the Colour Palette Blog Hop organised by Bonnie at Jasper's Gems. Bonnie challenged us to choose one of three (or all three!) colour paletes.
My first choice, and probably the most eye catching, was the vibrant palette with those adorable little birds.

I played around with some beads and finally decided on using a pair of gorgeous, antique African trade beads my friend Solange of Ahowin sent me. The bright yellow was perfect. The beads also have off-white, black, and tiny swirls of earthy red.

I paired them with riverstone gemstones for added white and a natural touch. On top of the trade beads sits a stack of vintage glass washers in black (from the 1900s) and double ended headpins I used as spacers. All the red tipped findings were made by me, and added a little extra colour.

Finally, I added tiny, faceted light blue sapphires. I decided to dangle these from the earwires instead of wire wrapping them in place. It adds to the organic flow of the earrings.

I also chose the palette with the bright orange lily. I made a simple pair of drop earrings with lampwork beads, copper, and enameled headpins.

The speckled beads are by Tan Grey and the orange pair is by Laney Mead (who's also in this blog hop!). For the vibrant green, I used some of my handmade enameled headpins.

The speckled lampwork beads have a few shades shades of orange and an earthy red. I hung the drops on copper ear wires I made to add a bit more of that burnt red.


Have a look at the other blogs to see what they made! And a big thank you to Bonnie for this inspiring blog hop.

Alicia Marinache

Leah Curtis

Cheryl Dunham

Andrea Trank

Shai Williams


  1. I love the fun set of earrings you made for the bird colour palette. You did a great job tying in all the colours. The orange lily earrings are great too, such a bright, happy colour. Thanks for participating.

  2. Love both your creations, but the orange ones sing!

  3. Love that first pair of earrings, but I also appreciate the warmth of the orange pair too.

  4. My favorite is the orange ones, but both are very nice.

  5. I just love both pairs but the second one really sings to me. Just gorgeous and so perfect for a beautiful spring day.

  6. Very pretty. And you were ambitious to choose 2 of the color pallets.

  7. Nature inspired earrings. So cool!!!

  8. Nature inspired designs, so cool!!!

  9. Leah, your earrings (both pairs) are simply gorgeous! Love them both...

  10. Awesome earrings. Captured the palettes perfectly.

  11. You know I love your work Leah, beautiful :)

  12. How nice, Leah. My piece is now posted. I am on travel & did not have successful Internet access on Sunday.