Friday 5 April 2013

Totally random post on dying clothes

I've been thinking about trying something new. I have this sudden urge to dye my clothes. Oh yes, you heard me. Have you tried it?

I'm one of those people who likes interesting and bold clothes, but ends up dressing really boring. I love colour, but I usually wear black, blue, or muted things. Why?? Anyway, that got me thinking about trying my hand at dying some things. Now, this is going to take a lot more planning and research because I really do not want to end up with purple skin or something. Actually, purple skin is probably worth it if I can make something like these.

I found a great colour mixing chart on Rit Dye's website. Look at the colours! There's everything imaginable. This is so, so tempting, especially with a second hand shop around the corner that has clothes for 50p (or less than $1 for my American friends!).

There are, apparently, different ways to dye said clothes. I'll probably end up using the bucket + dye routine, instead of using a washing machine like here.

Have any of you tried dying clothes? I'd love any advice.


  1. There's no big mystery about dying fabrics, my daughter, who makes costumes for various events, has done it numerous times. Natural fabrics are usually a good bet, and of course it gets complicated if you want to dye over colors. Just follow he directions. As far as using the washing machine, we've done that too, no biggie.

    1. Thanks, Beti! That's encouraging. I didn't think it could be that hard, just need to be careful of a mess!

  2. Try this out for starters You'll be totally hooked. I now dye anything and everything. You just have to figure out the pH of your fibers. Silk and wool require a vinegar soak to open them up to the dyes. Cotton and linen need a salt soak. Synthetics are trickier. Check out what can be done with them
    this dress was pieced together from scraps of re-purposed silk garments dyed in a similar dye bath.
    Ps. Ajax cleanser with bleach works well for scrubbing the stains out ; ) Happy dying!