Thursday 6 February 2014

Colours make me happy...

Or at least that's what Barney the dinosaur told me as a kid, but let's not talk about him. :)

I've been playing with colour in my beads recently. Well, today, actually. I have a love/fear relationship with colour. Is it too much? Gosh, that looks crazy. Ooh, rainbows! I love colour, but sometimes I shy away from going over the top. I usually decide on a nice mix of colour with a rustic influence. Not too much; not too little.

But every now and then you just have to go for it! So I did. Here are my recent vibrant beads and a few of my favourite colourful jewelry pieces from my shop. Hopefully they'll brighten up the day a bit from this dull weather we're having!

And there you have it. A nice dose of colour. I'm working on a bracelet that will be made from lampwork art beads and guess what? It'll be a rainbow! And, in contrast, I have a Gothic styled bracelet and a couple earthy designs to share with you soon. I just can't make my mind up!


  1. Wonderful creations!!!! I received my package.... I'll be mentioning it this week on my blog!! ~KM

  2. Beautiful colorful creations!!! Just what I needed today.

  3. Definitely brought a smile to my face. Thank you!