Wednesday 18 March 2015

Stacked earrings challenge round 2

Earlier this year, Malin de Koning started an earring challenge for a small group of us. We enjoyed it so much, we decided to continue the challenge and take turns sending out beads to each other. The rules remained the same: use 3 types of the beads sent to make at least one pair of earrings. This time, Claire Lockwood stepped up with this lovely selection of beads.


Claire sent a great selection of beads in mostly greens, cream, soft pinks and purples. Some of the first to catch my eye were the minty drops and pink daisies (top right) and those white and green plastic beads (center).

So, without further ado, here are the earrings! I made 6 pairs in total, but there were still enough beads to make a few more. First up is a pair of stumpy, stacked earrings with my handmade copper findings. I used the flowers, pink daisies, and green beads Claire sent with some lampwork beads by Fyrebirds.

I adore the minty drops Claire sent and used them with the wooden beads, clear glass rings, and faceted Czech glass. I added my own copper findings and wire spacers.

This pair is very different for me, and I think they meet the stacked criteria! I used the small and large metallic beads, and the gemstone hearts Claire sent. Added to the mix are some filigree bead caps, Czech glass beads, and rectangular headpins and earwires I made.

Another different style for me - buttons. I don't usually use buttons in my jewellery, but these lovely mother of pearl ones were hard to resist. I knotted them on linen cord with Czech glass and my bronze earwires. I cheated a little here as there are only 2 buttons on each earring, but I think they'll pass...


Pair #5 has a stack of green leaves and a couple of the milky spacers from the bead mix. The leaves immediately made me think of strawberries, so I added some red blossoms (I know, they should be white!) and a tassel of linen and tiny Czech glass beads.

Last but not least, I used the wooden discs, little glass rounds, and the larger rustic glass beads. I added some tiny coconut beads and pyrite quartz chunks and copper findings.

Here's a group shot of all the earrings again. I hope you enjoyed them! Be sure to check out what the rest of the group made. 

Malin de Koning - Beading by Malin de Koning
Heidi Post - Ex Post Facto Jewelry
Rebecca Anderson - Songbead
Leah Curtis - Beady Eyed Bunny


  1. These are fantabulous, Leah!! I really love a couple of pairs in particular: the last pair (those pyrite nuggets are super!) and the ones with the long red horse eye beads. I also love the cute little shapes of the first two dinky stacks. Lovely stuff!

  2. Oooh! Well done Leah! I love the ones with the gemstone heart beads, which I did not realize were hearts until I read this. I tried and tried, but I couldn't figure out how to use them. Perhaps if I'd realized they were hearts. D'oh! The strawberries are adorable, and the lampwork in the top pair are a perfect fit. I also really love the ones with the mint drops (RIP my set). So pretty.

  3. You did a great job! My favorite pair is the pyrite/coconut bead set! Those are really unique and are meant to be worn 'all the time'! ☺️

  4. Lovely earrings Leah! I think my favourite are the last pair, I love the colours you've used in these as well as the beads themselves.

  5. All of your earrings turned out beautifully. I especially like that first pair. They feel like spring to me!

  6. Lovely earrings the third pair with gemstone hearts, just gorgeous and my fav.

  7. Leah, lovely work as always. Creative and fun. You managed to use those difficult heart jasper beads. My favorite pair is the strawberry ones. I love the whimsical look and how the waxed linen cord is dangling creating the lay-off stalks (is that what they are called in English?) of a strawberry plant. Great!