Friday, 8 February 2013

Bun, bun, bun!

Sorry, bad pun (bun!). Ok, I promise to stop...But I will show you my new polymer clay makes. I made a rabbit bead for a very special bracelet (will share with you soon) and decided to make a few more. I played around with some colors and 'white washed' all the rabbits.

This one is a dark turquoise color. He's a little bit different than the other beads, since I carved him more than sculpted.

The other rabbits were sculpted and look just as sweet. They're all hand finished and buffed to a shine. Just look at those little faces...

My favorite has to be the black. There's something very regal about him. He was quickly claimed and will soon be winging his way to a new home in Luxembourg.

The others have just been listed in my shop, though. There are more photos on the listings, so have a peek! 


  1. Those little chaps are just adorable

  2. I am in the BSBP7 and was viewing your blog. I also fell in love with the black bunny. Did you make more bunnies? Do you have an online shop?

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks so much. I do have an online shop here (link below). I've also emailed you. Thanks for commenting!