Saturday 9 February 2013

Cute clay and something a bit different

I've been at the clay again. All but one of the bunnies I showed you yesterday sold out. So, today I made a couple more. This time we have an 'ivory' bun and a dark purple one.

I love this little ivory fellow. It's a fun effect, and somehow the white clay makes him even cuter.


What do you make when you're bored when you're bored with bunnies? Hedgehogs, of course! These little hedgies are perfect for earrings.


Besides these cute beads, I made some rustic inspired ones. But I can't show you those yet, as they're part of my soup for my BSBP partner! More on that later...

The last thing I have to show you is a polymer clay pendant. I had this great idea to make a hare jumping over the moon. Why? Who knows. It's hand sculpted and carved, then antiqued with white highlights. There's even a little sparkle on the moon.

All of these beads will be available in my shop soon.  But now, I'm going to finish up that bead soup. Have a hoppy weekend!


  1. I love you bunnies, but especially your Rabbit Moon!

  2. Love the bunnies, the bunny jumped over the moon..awesome!

  3. I'm excited!!!! love that lil' cream bunny and the moon one too

  4. I love them all, bunny jumped over the moon, very clever ( Très astucieux)