Sunday 17 February 2013

Love and Light: in memory of Tanya

Today is a day to remember a friend. Tanya made beautiful jewelry and had a love for gemstones. That's how I met her. I wanted to buy some gemstones from her. Tanya was so caring and open. We started chatting and soon became friends.

We spoke off and on about gemstones, bunnies, cats, serious topics, but over this past summer we became very close. We chatted for hours almost every day. Tan encouraged me in my jewelry and always included extras in the packages she sent me. She gave me more than's all so tiny compared to the friendship she gave me.

Tanya has been one of the most 'real' people I've known. She shared her stories with me, her love, and friendship. I liked making her laugh, and she always told me how important it was to her. How she cherished our friendship. She was a compassionate person who loved her bunnies and spread kindness.

I never got to meet Tanya. We talked about meeting. We wanted to have tea together, chat in person...I wanted to give her the big hug she deserved. And I would have, but she was taken too soon.

Some of her friends have put together a blog hop for today. We are all celebrating her 'love and hugs' and the light she spread into our lives. I made this bracelet in her memory.

One of the things Tanya loved was rabbits. I made this purple, marbled rabbit out of polymer clay. The bunny is surrounded by some of the things I love, too. There are vintage beads in purple - one of Tan's favorite colors. There are also carved goldstone flowers.

Tan loved brass, and I will forever think of her when I use it. I used all the brass wire I bought from her ages ago in other projects, but I did have some chain left from Tanya to add to it.

The roses in the bracelet remind me of a poem I wrote as a little girl when I lost another beautiful person...

Life is but a rose
Quickly fading in its prime.
Beauty fades.
With every falling petal,
A memory is made.
Make the best of the time you are given;
The memories you have made.

I miss Tanya. She was filled with love and encouragement. She always told me not to wait too long to find out you're a good person. I once told her she would leave a bigger hole in my life than she filled...That was her. Tanya gave more than anyone I know. Thank you, Tanya! xx

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  1. I have a tear in my eye as I write. Tanya will be missed by so many...x

  2. We will definitely miss Tanya

  3. Lovely post and lovely bracelet. I know she would have loved this blog hop.

  4. I knew it had to have a bunny in it :)

  5. Beautiful post and such a wonderful bracelet. Tanya was a beautiful soul and generous spirit.I miss her so much.

    1. Thank you, Solange. I've met wonderful people because of her friendship. Love to you xx

  6. Oh Leah, that made me misty eyed. I never met her or spoke to her, but her memory lives in the memories and tales of others, she was obviously a much loved and wonderful person, what a lovely tribute you have made in her memory. x

    1. Thanks Laney. :) She was a very special person and still means a lot to many people. x

  7. A beautiful tribute and a lovely bracelet.

  8. Great purple bunny for Tanya. Your piece seems very appropriate.

  9. Such a truly sad lose and your tribute is caring, thoughtful and creative.

  10. Oh gosh. "Never wait to find out if you're a good person." Humbling. I don't feel like a very good person these days. I hope she really knew how sorry I was for all that transpired last year... and I'm glad I didn't wait to tell her. But I hope she believed me.

    Your bunny is so beautiful, and the thought that went into this piece....lovely.

    1. Thanks, Lori. I think she did know. We all have our ups and downs. She was full of wisdom. :)

  11. Leah - a wonderful tribute! Thank you for sharing the memories, and you're right, she filled our lives with much more than gemstones.
    Love your purple bunny and the whole bracelet, I feel it is cheerfully royal (if that's even possible).
    Thank you for participating!

    1. Thanks Alicia. I'm glad you like the bracelet. And thank you again for orgaizing this!